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How do you start believing in yourself?

πως να πιστεύεις στον εαυτό σου

10 ways that will make you believe in yourself!

 It’s important to believe in yourself.

Confidence is a necessary condition for someone to act. It’s therefore very important to believe in ourselves, our abilities and our passion.

In other words, believing in ourselves, will actually lead us to create the life we desire!

The most common question that comes up is how we can believe in ourselves and if this is something that is learned. So it’s not very clear what it means exactly to believe in ourselves and where this belief can lead us.

What does believe in myself mean?

Learning to believe in ourselves:

  • We build our self-confidence and strengthen our love for ourselves.
  • We realize that we are responsible for our success.
  • We find our inner strength so that we can enjoy the journey of life.
  • We come to terms with the fact that this journey has its storms.
  • We love challenges because through them we acquire new skills and strength.
What happens when I believe in myself

The feeling of self-doubt usually comes from focusing on past mistakes. To learn from our mistakes we must believe in ourselves.

Scientists have studied brain activity to observe what happens when someone makes a mistake. Participants were asked to identify the middle letter in the following sequence of letters MMM or MNM. Participants repeated the test several times in a row. The scientists observed two responses in the brain – one when the participants made a mistake and one when they tried to correct it.

After the experiment was over, they were asked what they had learned from their mistakes, and here’s what happened: unlike participants with low self-confidence, participants who believed they could learn from their mistakes, they improved their performance on subsequent attempts and corrected their mistakes more successfully.

So self-belief affects brain circuits creating the ability to handle failure favorably and confidently.

10 ways to believe in ourselves

This is a game of strategy, where control of thoughts and emotions is required!

1. To realize that this all starts with us

To get in touch with our inner strength, we need to adopt new routines and practices, such as yoga, meditation and positive affirmations. Try them because they really work! Mediatation promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances mental clarity. Also, by including positive statements in our daily life we fill ourselves with confidence and breathe a different kind of life into our day.

2. To examine the restrictive and our negative beliefs

The question of how to believe in ourselves actually hides a deeper question: what are the beliefs that cause us negative emotions? Negative behaviors, such as self-doubt and stress, are directly related to our self-perception, which is influenced by our past experiences. This is an indication that it’s time to get rid of bad beliefs and start replacing them with new positive and empowering ones.

3. To learn to respect ourselves

Self-respect is the basis of self-confidence! If we don’t respect ourselves, how can we believe in us? We should treat ourselves as we would treat someone we greatly admire. Are we talking nice to ourselves or are we just self-flagellating? It often helps to see how we would speak, in the corresponding case, to a friend or a person we love. Let’s use the exact same words for ourselves. The goal is to start transforming negative comments into positive ones! 

4. To use the law of attraction

Starting to believe in ourselves is not an easy task. On the contrary, it’s a challenging and uphill race! So, we always need fuel for the journey. To fuel our confidence, we must surround ourselves with people who inspire and support us. This is also the law of attraction. Whatever we want to achieve in life, it’s beneficial to find individuals who uplift us! Let us discreetly avoid those who try to bring us down and diminish our spirits.

5. To be constantly inspired 

The law of attraction is not only related to people but also to our environment, including what we read and watch on a daily basis. To frequently seek the opinions and advice of those who have achieved their goals. To watch documentaries showcasing the lives of people who have accomplished great and beautiful things. Let’s find inspiration in them! Start reading things that inspire you and bookmark your favorites so you can refer back to them often. Additionally, YouTube is filled with motivational speeches from various individuals. Try to listen to the ones that inspire you! By incorporating all of this into our daily routine, our brain begins to practice and believe in our capabilities!

6. To remember our past successes

It’s important to focus on our successes and not on our failures, especially when we face new challenges. When we feel anxious about our ability to succeed in the face of something new and challenging, it can be immensely helpful to recall our past achievements. Past successes give us courage and remind us that we can do it. Let’s start making lists with our successes, either small or big ones!

7. To face our fears

We all experience fear when it comes to the unknown and new experiences. However, when we believe in ourselves, we come to understand that fear can serve as a driving force and does not have the power to hold us back. Confident people turn fear into action, making their goals a life purpose!When you have a clear vision for your life and firmly believe in it, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

8. To create goals

Goal setting is part of dealing with fears. Focusing on goals and achieving them gives us a sense of omnipotence and courage! Goals don’t have to be huge. They can be broken into smaller individual pieces and we can take small steps each time. In this way, we are gradually led towards their achievement and the road does not seem as distant.

9. To learn new things

Learning also strengthens self-efficacy and confidenceResearch shows that learning is directly linked to happiness, due to dopamine being released in the brain, which is also known as the euphoria hormone.

10. Let’s continue

We’ve all encountered moments when we doubt our ability to succeed. The secret lies in persisting and not giving up simply because we’ve grown weary. Practicing faith in ourselves is an ongoing and profound journey. It’s not something that can be conquered overnight, and we should never give up on it. Discovering self-belief takes work, but it’s worth it and we can conquer it.

So let’s get started!


*Photo by Eddie Kopp 

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