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Everything is within us!

όλα βρίσκονται μέσα μας

Everything is within us! Some people may go through life without realizing their full potential or without understanding the depth of their own inner wisdom. But usually, many of us only come to this realization later in life.

Most of the time, we realize this because it takes a significant event or a personal crisis to shake us out of our comfort zone. 

Perhaps, because the pressures of modern society can make it difficult for us to connect with our inner resources and find a sense of inner peace and fulfillment. Many people feel like they are constantly chasing after goals and accomplishments; people pursue not only material goods but also recognition, glory or fame as a way of validating their worth. They use all these to create a sense of superiority or to project an image of success and importance to others.

So we grow up grow up with the belief that happiness and power lie outside of ourselves.

We believe that that our happiness and personal power come from external sources, rather than from within ourselves. But if this were true, then there wouldn’t be people with few material possessions or social status who are able to find contentment and happiness in their lives, as well as people with many external advantages who struggle with unhappiness and a sense of emptiness. There are many examples of individuals who have been able to heal themselves and find personal fulfillment through the power of their own inner resources, such as their spiritual beliefs, inner strength, and personal values.

Sometimes less is more and more is less! 

Sometimes we are happier when we have less and not when we have a lot and that’s because our inner state, – including our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs -, can greatly influence our external circumstances and how we perceive them!

We search for fulfillment, through things that are never going to give it to us. We look for completion or fulfillment in another person, as if they are the missing piece of our own puzzle, when what we are really asking for is another whole individual.

No one taught us that fulfillment and happiness often comes from within us, and that we can discover it through introspection, self-reflection, and self-care practices.

We seek fulfillment in all that we must acquire to bring us happiness, power, prosperity, success, glory, fame, recognition, faith. Nobody told us how what we need and seek, is already within ourselves. No one told us that seeking happiness solely through external factors can be a futile pursuit.

As children, we had the ability to focus on what we had at the moment, rather than what we lacked. But as adults, we often tend to focus more on what we lack or what we perceive as shortcomings, rather than appreciating what we already have. And yet it’s natural to feel like there is something missing or incomplete in our lives at times… But in this way, we often lose sight of the happiness and contentment that already exist within us.

William Arthur Ward – American writer – used to say that happiness is an internal process. Aristotle, centuries earlier using different words, said that our happiness depends on us.

Both expressed the same thing in other words: Everything is within us! This has always been the case and will always be, we just have to believe it and we will discover it.

And I’m closing this article, leaving a musical note, because that’s how I want you to remember it.

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