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Lucky to be you!

lucky to be you

I still remember… It was a November night lying down on my couch, watching Netflix. But that night was different. Next to me there were also lying two friends, who had visited me from abroad, and they were staying with me for the weekend. I smiled. I had suddenly realized how happy I was.

That was our last night at my place. After so many walks, talks, laughs and nice pictures, it was time for them to go back. However, I wasn’t feeling sad, but full. We had a great time together and I was very glad that I had met them. 

Through our discussion, earlier that day, I realized how lucky I was to be me!

Sometimes, it takes us time to realise our true value and how amazing we are. We unconsciously compare ourselves to others, and we forget who we really are.

Instead of focusing on our purpose, we mix it up with the purpose of others.

Each one of us is different and, luckily or not, we share a different purpose in life. We might live the same things, most of the times… We all break up, we all cry, we all want to be happy – in our own terms -, we all want to live a life full of abundance, but we experience each of the aforementioned situations, in a totally different way.

Therefore, why do we compare ourselves  to others?

I looked at them once again. They were both in happy relationships. Tomorrow, they were flying back to their partners and tomorrow night, they would be lying next to them.

I was hearing my own thoughts, when all of a sudden, they got very loud, without realizing it, “Will I ever be so happy with somebody, as you are?”.

And then one of them looked at me and said “Oooo Come on! I am so sure about it, that I would bet all the money that I have”.

I smiled. I sat back and relaxed. It was that moment, that changed everything inside me and I realized that she was right. I was also sure and confident that pretty soon I would!

Now that I am laying myself on my couch, next to my partner, I still remember my friend’s words.

We don’t have to compare ourselves to others.

When we do that, we get stressed and by getting stressed, we experience negative feelings and emotions, which  affect both our physical and mental health. We may sometimes pick up the same target with others, but we share different purpose and we cross different paths. So, there is no point in comparing.

Just be ready to enjoy the ride! And remember: You are lucky to be you!

*Photo by Dayne Topkin 

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