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Our relationship with ourselves!

η σχέση με τον εαυτό μας

The COVID-19 crisis had a lot to teach us all. But above all, it had to teach us the importance of our relationship with ourselves. How long can we last without fussing? How are we doing with ourselves?

Is it finally time to reconcile with our best self?

Because here we are now… it’s just us and ourselves left. The truth is that our relationship with ourselves has always been there, even when we may not be paying attention to it. It can be easy to get caught up in external distractions and neglect our internal needs and desires. Now, these external factors or people have been removed, leaving us with more time and space to focus on ourselves.

People keep asking me how I am doing and how I am fighting through difficult times. I am answering that I feel very lucky. I had a pivotal year in 2019 towards finding myself and my path. Perhaps for some of you, the year 2020 may be a pivotal year in terms of self-discovery and personal growth, especially given the challenges and changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes to our daily lives.

The economic situation has changed for many individuals and businesses, resulting in financial hardship and job loss for some. Relationships are also tested, including social distancing, isolation, and changes in routine. During times of uncertainty and stress, it can be easy to lose sight of ourselves and our priorities.

But let’s see the opportunities in the midst of the challenges we’re facing.

There is always something to be learned and gained. By focusing on the positives, we can help to shift our mindset and evolve! During the pandemic, we may discover new hobbies or interests, learn new skills, or develop a greater appreciation for the things we already had in our lives. We may also rediscover our values and beliefs as we navigate the challenges and uncertainties of the pandemic. The pandemic has shown us how much we can take simple things like social interaction, physical touch, and even a simple walk outside, for granted. The pandemic has been a wake-up call for many of us.It’s an opportunity to discover ourselves! And this is the most challenging part!

In the most pivotal times of my life, I felt like I was alone. The decision I had to make was purely my own. Spending time in silence and solitude was a powerful way to connect with myself. This is how I slowly began to discover myself. And that’s when I made the most important decisions of my life.

Crises can bring people closer together in many ways.

It’s true that many crises involve human contact in some way. Crises can remind us of the importance of thinking beyond ourselves and working together towards a common goal. In times of crisis, we may realize that we are all interconnected and that our actions can have an impact on others. They bring us closer, not only to others, but also to ourselves.

It’s possible that those who have already found their path or have a strong sense of purpose may have an easier time navigating crises. The journey of self-discovery is a lifelong process, and there is always more to learn and explore about ourselves.

It’s never too late to start the journey of self-discovery and work on developing a better relationship with ourselves. Spending time with ourselves is important for our mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s important to acknowledge our feelings of loneliness and take steps to address them, rather than trying to suppress them or push them away. Let’s not be afraid of silence. Being alone and embracing silence can be very beneficial for our mental and emotional well-being. It allows us to reflect, introspect, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our lives.

When we are at peace with ourselves, we are more likely to have positive relationships with others!

*Photo by Guille Alvarez 

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