I don't like to pretend

I don't like to pretend. I never liked it. I never understood the others either. Those who get along with everyone in terms of politics and get lost in formalities! 

I never cared for those! If i like someone, I show it! If I don't like it, I show it again!

I'm not interested in saying formal "hello" and maintaining formal relations!

I want to say something because I feel it and not just to say it! If I don't feel it, I don't like it and I have to say it... I'm not a snob, I'm not a shopaholic, I just DON'T LIKE IT! And yet many do not understand this!  But on the other hand, I don't even care what they finally understand! I only care not to pretend!

When I delete someone, I don't see them anymore.

I literally don't see him… he can walk right past me and I won't notice! It's not an issue selfishness – as many think – it's a matter of visual field. I am not doing this on purpose. It goes unnoticed... And don't be in a hurry to say that it can't be done. Everything is possible. After a certain point you stop caring about anything about this person. It's not evil. It is indifference and even unintentional and not intentional.

It's a matter of estimation.

It's a matter of how much you value the other person! Subject of how he earned your appreciation! Because appreciation is unfortunately not required, it is earned! And I tell you again that I don't do it on purpose. Besides, I would find such a thing too pretentious. And I don't care about that!

I just want to feel what I say! To live it and show it! I don't like making fun of people… that's how I operate!

And before you rush to judge me and accuse me of characterizations, ask yourself a little, who of all of them is the most real and the most honest! Look around you at how many such there are... How many have learned in their real life, – their own – , to just be themselves, without pretending to be anything else. Without caring about the opinion of others and without pretending to gain sympathy!

And I have no problem giving my good mornings and my smile, talking to strangers. I'm not losing my Eugenia. But I have a problem spreading them if I don't like someone...


*Photo by Scott Webb


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