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2019, is the year when I went on so many trips alone; something I had never tried until then. It was the first time I had ever decided to pack…

It was the first time I had ever decided to pack a suitcase, get on a plane and travel all alone to an unknown destination for 7-8 days. All I had ever done was some daily excursions and some business trips; and usually, there was always someone waiting for me at the destination, so I am not considering them as solo trips. I had never traveled to an unknown destination as a solo traveler, with a group of strangers, without caring with whom I would stay in the hotel and what I would discover.


I regret not having travelled continuously, when I had the chance to travel, because the others couldn’t follow me.


I’ve decided not to wait for anyone. I leave and whoever wants, comes with me. And my adventure begins…

I love solo traveling!

It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, as long as you are great friends with him and have fun together.

I have always loved the process of traveling. By this i mean, traveling all by myself to a destination. So, the first thing on the solo traveler list was ticked-off, since I had already accomplished it!

What do you need…

The next thing a solo traveler needs to accomplish is the stress of where he’ll go, with whom he’ll stay and who he’ll meet.

If you communicate openly with others and you are not stressed, then everything is gonna be ok. If you are still not that open to communication, then maybe solo traveling is an opportunity for you to open up yourself and make new acquaintances. Remember that we are able to overcome our fears when we face them. Feel strong and let’s get started!

I like communicating with people. I like to travel and get to know the locals. To learn things about their life, and their culture.

Vacation schedule

The third thing on a solo traveler’s list, is the holiday’s schedule. Thus, as for the program of your vacation, from activities, road tripping, and in general the program you want to follow, whatever this is, when you are alone, you organize it exclusively as you want. Or even better, you don’t organize it at all, and you accept whatever comes your way.

Usually for me, planning depends on the destination. In Greece, I am more relaxed and I organize everything on the spot. When you travel abroad, you may need to organize some things in advance, depending on what you want to see. But even if this stresses you out, you can find a group that suits you and travel with them.


The last and most difficult thing to accomplish is your relationship with yourself. Don’t be frightened by the fact that in fact you will be all alone!  You can meet some people and add them to your friends list. But you may not. The most important thing is that YOU are gonna have a good time, with yourself – regardless of others.

This should not stop you from planning your next solo trip. After all, no solo trip, is like the previous ones!

And don’t forget that on a solo journey, everything is possible and one thing is for sure:

It’s a journey of exploring and discovering yourself!

*Photo by  Nicole Geri

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