A traveler or a tourist?

Who do you think is having the best time?

Let’s say we are in Beijing and have lost the address of the hotel. None of us speaks Chinese and we can’t even read the signs! Hmmm… How do we react?

Some of us would really enjoy it.

These are the people, who enjoy contingencies and like it when the trip looks like an adventure! On the other hand, there are those who would be gripped by anxiety, fear, panic and whining. They would spend a lot of time blaming each other – it is crucial at that time, instead of focusing on the solution, to find the culprit first – as if that would bring atonement!

In the end, both categories would have found the solution, but the first would have enjoyed it more, while the second would have expended a lot of effort and energy.

Sometimes, to some of us, the unknown seems quite tempting!

A backpack and wherever it goes. A car and a journey without a destination. Or perhaps a trip with a specific destination, but with no hotel reservation… After all, all that matters is the moments! The truth is that some people are intrigued by long trips and/or trips to challenging destinations with special activities. For others, all that is too much. They prefer to be well organized and prepared. They want to know in advance, where they will be, what they will do, where they will end up. They hate surprises and that’s why when something unexpected happens, they feel like a fish out of the water!

What answers would you provide to the following questions:

Are there any similarities in the way you travel and in the way you see life?

Do you like traveling or you prefer staying at home? Which destinations do you choose every time?

What kind of trips do you take and how often?

What do you usually take with you on a journey? Only the necessary things or every drug you may think along with all the clothing?

Do you prefer going to places, where there are mostly acquaintances or not?

How easily would you leave your country? Would you give it all up to chase a journey of a lifetime?

And finally, would you travel solo, having only yourself as a company?

And what is it that really hinders and worries you? The means of transport? Meeting strangers? That you may not speak the language? Not knowing what’s next? That you will step out of your comfort zone or your true self?

People who don’t like traveling, and traveling isn’t their purpose in life, could be considered as more conservative. One might say that they avoid facing their fears. To be honest, everyone’s needs differ; for some people maybe airport is a home away from home and others may feel ill at ease, when they have to travel.

A traveler

A traveler is the one who doesn’t just travel for tourism, but seeks adventure. Someone who visits places that the majority doesn’t. Someone who tries something special and different and will not hesitate to travel solo, knowing that such trips are opportunities for discovering oneself.

A traveler isn’t interested only in filling his camera or intagram profile with photos but also his memory. It is the person, who will enjoy the acquaintance and will try to get in contact with unknown people and despite the challenges, he will enjoy himslef! It’s the person who will spend a great time in the end!

A Tourist

A tourist will never discover as much as a traveler! And this is because, a man who doesn’t travel may never discover himself. The adventures that each one of us lives, are the ones that define our memories, our dreams and ourselves!

*Photo by Mesut Kaya

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