Limnos – A magical place


Limnos or Lemnos: the island that every Greek has heard of but many haven’t visited yet! The fact that Limnos is an outlying island and belongs in the Greek islands of “barren line”, makes the island inaccessible to the majority. Nevertheless, most surfers know about it, as there is a well-known surf spot there, called Keros surf club.

That’s the same reason, I decided to visit Lemnos in 2019! The truth is that I’ve always wanted to visit that island. I like islands that have an alternative style and haven’t been overcrowded by tourism yet. So, I wanted to visit Limnos anyway, and the fact that I combined this trip with kite surfing, made it one of my best solo trips!

I booked my spot at the surf camp and my airplane tickets and just like that, in the end of June, I found myself in this magical island. I call Lemnos magical, because of its energy. This place seemed special to me, as soon as I set foot in it! It’s one of these islands that you fall in love with it, before even exploring it! And I must confess that I would definitely visit it again!

It didn’t matter to me with whom I would stay in the tent or anything else. I was so excited about that trip, that even though my flight was delayed, this trip ended up being a real magical experience!

Important tip: Don’t worry about things that are out of your control and you can’t do anyhting to change them.

So, since it wasn’t up to me, whether the plane would take off faster or not, I sat patiently and waited. I informed the people who would be picking me up from the airport about my delay, and I was looking forward to my adventure! At that point of time, I didn’t have any idea about the road tripping around the island, that I was about to make together with four solo travelers. And despite the fact that, we were 5 total strangers, we got along so well and had one of the best times of our lives.

One of the first things that will impress you on the island are: its golden sandy beaches with the green-blue waters, and its habitants! Be prepared to be filled in, with as much love as these people have, for their place.

Time to dive into the water

The island has too many beaches! I am listing below the ones I visited. Mikro Fanaraki (Moudros) is indeed small but it’s one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Hopefully, when you visit it, it isn’t overcrowded. It’s a small bay which is amazing picturesque and perfect for taking pictures.

Thanos beach is also a picturesque landscape; bigger than Mikro Fanaraki and with enough space. You can either lay down on the beach or choose a beach bar.

It goes without saying that a must-see place is Cave of Philoctetes. A rocky cave with incredible waters. It has a bit of a walk… When you reach there, you either dive into the sea directly or you can get down carefully from the rocks and go through a little cave crawling! But it’s definitely worth the effort!

The desert!

Heading towards the Sand dunes (Ammothines) of the island, you find the beach called Gomati. At first, we got confused and ended up on the side of the beach, where there is a tavern, that is to say, as you arrive on your right side. But if you turn left, you will end up at a beach bar. Well, feel free to choose!

The Sand dunes (Ammothines) is a unique landscape that you’ve never seen before on an island, let alone on a desert! It is definitely worth visiting this place! The best hour for visiting is around 7pm; earlier it’s too hot and you won’t manage to walk around the hot sand. In that vast expanse of the desert, a greek movie was filmed in the 70’s.

Most of the roads on the island are dirt roads and unfortunately you waste a lot of time driving, although the distances are not that long.

Time for adventure

If you like adventure, you may also visit Panagia Kakaviotissa – a small and picturesque chapel, on the rock. You will find it on the road to Myrina, above the village of Thanos. There is a lot of walking on an uphill road but the route is fantastic. Also, despite the difficulties, you may even walk it wearing flip-flops and there is no need for running shoes. The landscape is unique.

Myrina – the port of the island – is also very picturesque. Especially the old port, where there are very nice shops and taverns. We asked the locals where it would be good to eat and most of them replied “Anywhere!”. We searched also tripadvisor and we finally decided to have dinner in a tavern called “Metaxi mas”, which proved one of the best options!  There was no time to have dinner in all restaurants, but in “Metaxi mas“, all tastes were delicious and that restaurant offerred good value for money.

Get ready for Lemnos and pack your bags as soon as possible!



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