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When heartache becomes a distant memory…

πόνος ψυχής

Heartache and pain…

It’s true that as humans, we have all experienced severe pain at some point in our lives. Whether it is physical pain caused by injury or illness or emotional pain caused by loss, rejection, or heartbreak, we have all been through difficult times. When the soul feels like it will be cut in two, it can be a sign that the pain is so intense that it feels like it’s tearing you apart.

When you are in the midst of intense emotional pain, it can feel like the idea of feeling better is so far away that it’s impossible.

And yet healing is possible! And when the pain eventually subsides, it can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders! The pain you once felt has faded so much that it becomes a distant memory, what remains is the growth and personal development that came from the experience. The fact that you have succeeded, improved, and learned from the experience can be a source of pride and motivation!

It’s true that pain and adversity can be powerful catalysts for personal growth and development! Hitting rock bottom can certainly be a turning point for some people. We may not always appreciate the good and beautiful things in life as much as we should. It’s easier to take these things for granted and focus on the negative aspects of our lives. How do I know?

Firstly, because personally, I grew through through pain and adversity. Just like climbing a mountain, reaching the top of your personal goals and aspirations often requires starting from the bottom and working your way up! After all, none of us starts at the top when we begin our journey towards our goals and aspirations. We all start somewhere and work our way up, facing challenges and setbacks along the way.

The pace at which we walk, evolve, and learn from our mistakes is unique to each individual.

It’s important to honor your own journey and not compare yourself to others, as everyone’s path and pace is different.

Everyone’s experience with pain is unique, and we all have our own ways of coping with it. Some people may choose to experience it intensely, allowing themselves to fully feel their emotions and work through their pain. Others may bury it inside, suppressing their emotions and avoiding dealing with their pain.There is no right or wrong. Or maybe there is. There is some evidence to suggest that people, who are more open to experiencing and processing their pain, may learn and grow from it more quickly than those who suppress or avoid it.

For those who bury their pain and don’t deal with it, pain can resurface later on and cause more difficulties for them. So while they may think they’ve overcome it or moved on from it, they’ve actually suppressed or avoided facing their pain.

And avoiding the lessons and discoveries that life offers us can hinder our personal growth and prevent us from becoming better. 

Experiencing severe pain can make it seem like the road ahead is uphill and difficult. Pain can be overwhelming and may make it hard to see a way forward. It would be a lie to say that the path of pain is easy or that it can be crossed quickly. The path of pain is traversed at one’s own pace. Painful experiences may not last forever, and there is hope for healing and moving forward.

And when we work through pain and come out on the other side, we often find that we have grown and changed in significant ways.

The old parts of ourselves that may have held us back are shed, and we are reborn into a new version of ourselves.


*Photo by  Romina Farías 

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