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Blissful Marriage vs. Singlehood

ευτυχισμένος γάμος

Today there are more singles than ever! Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed…

People are waiting longer before finally making the decision to get married. Some choose not to marry at all, while others become single at much later stages of their lives.

According to research conducted in America, during the 1960s, only 10% of people over the age of 25 remained single! Today, this percentage is steadily increasing. 

Of course, a growing body of research highlights the advantages of being married compared to being single. Married individuals are shown to live longer, experience greater happiness, and so on…

And yet, it’s not always the case!

It’s not entirely clear if marriage is the sole factor that truly brings happiness. There are instances where marriage is not directly linked to happiness. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one side to the coin.

On one hand, marriage offers companionship, support, and a sense of togetherness that helps combat loneliness. On the other hand, it can also bring about frictions, conflicts, disappointments, and problems that might lead to decreased happiness if the marriage is not deemed successful.

A series of studies aimed at determining which type of person might experience the most happiness in their relationships all indicated that one’s happiness is not dependent on their marital status.

People who consistently strive to evade arguments and conflicts with their loved ones, ensuring that negativity doesn’t impact their close relationships, experience similar levels of happiness whether they are single or in a relationship. And, as Bella DePaulo often emphasizes, none of the aforementioned evidence conclusively demonstrates that marriage, in and of itself, is the sole source of happiness for people.

What truly brings us happiness is the extent to which we endeavor to steer clear of conflicts and negative situations within our relationships.

These individuals maintain a more positive outlook and are less impacted by negativity and adverse circumstances. Consequently, they tend to experience a higher degree of happiness.

Happiness is a personal matter

It is irrespective of whether you are alone or not! And it’s not just my opinion; studies support this as well. The ongoing bias against singles and the scrutiny they face about their marital status has become quite tiresome.

Choosing to marry someone who isn’t a good fit and doesn’t make you happy, just to conform to societal expectations, is a personal decision. However, it’s important to reflect on your true desires and consider whether your chosen path genuinely fulfills you in the long run, rather than merely conforming to what others might think.


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