It’s complicated…

How many times have we said or heard this phrase? I am in a relationship, and it’s complicated…

People who use this phrase usually mean that they themselves are complicated and they don’t know what they want.

When you find yourself in a situation that is complicated and you don’t want to be there, you get up and leave! Yes, indeed, it’s that simple. Neither yes nor no. You gather your things and depart. There’s no reason to make your own life or someone else’s complicated.

As long as you continue to stay in something complicated, two things happen.

Either you’re spinning tales about complexity because, in reality, you thrive on it, enjoying the attention you get when people sympathize with you! You like playing the drama queen/king because that’s how you’ve learned to live. Or you don’t know what you want and what you’re looking for, so you end up in a place where everything is simple. In both cases, the problem is yours.

And the more complicated you become, the more you believe it and get entangled even further! The phrase ‘it’s complicated’ serves as your alibi in many situations, if not in all! And you choose it, of course, because it suits you…

When you know what you want, complexities of this kind psychologically wear you down so much that eventually your patience runs out, and you give in, instead of sitting there to complicate things even more! And believe me, leaving is not as difficult as you make it seem, if you know what you’re looking for!

It’s not coincidental that everything starts with us, with how well we are with ourselves and with our own ego! And the solution to untangle yourself is within you…

And so far, so good! But what about that category that chooses complicated people while claiming to prefer simplicity? It’s a vicious cycle. To choose to get involved with a complicated person, it’s your fault! Obviously, you mixed your desires a little and stumbled upon them! So again, the problem is yours.

I’m telling you, it’s like a magnet! And even if you stumbled upon them, it falls apart. It’s a misjudgment. Once you see that it’s a complicated person and not someone straightforward with courage, why do you persist and not let go?

We all get confused and tangled from time to time – even the ones who are more clear!

The key is how we perceive it and whether we decide to let it go or get even more entangled. Because, no matter how much we may not want to admit it, it’s all a matter of choice! It’s a matter of what we ultimately seek and from whom… And love is simple!

And it’s not shameful to admit that we made misjudgments! Shameful is blaming the other when, in the end, it’s our fault!

So, it’s complicated…

Think about it the next time you hear or use this phrase… Who is responsible for it?

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