Love is of great value!

η αγάπη κοστίζει

And just when you feel ready to love again, you realize how much love will cost you and you hesitate! Previous experiences cause you mixed feelings.

On one hand, you think how much it hurts and on the other, how much it is worth. 

How long does one last and how long does the other? You try to sum up what you’ve won so far… but the outcome is not very clear.

We forget the joys of love really fast! Intense pain erases all feelings of fullness! It’s etched in our memory and traps us there, reminding us of all the difficulties; at least at the beginning… because when the wounds start to heal, the pleasant memories come back!

Love costs. It costs because there are times when you swim in deep water.

There are times that you travel to an unknown destination and without a schedule, for as long as it takes. There are times that you feel you love more than you love yourself. There are times that you change your plans and priorities, because of it. There are times you give all you’ve got and you take nothing in return.

There are times that you ask for everything back and times that you want to give away even more! Times that you don’t care about how much you gave and times that you try to calculate it. Sometimes you go at full speed ignoring the danger and sometimes you pull back. Sometimes you close your ears to the voices of those around you and sometimes you eavesdrop. Sometimes you are hurt, but some other times you hurt others. And in the end, there are times that you hate, as much as you loved.

That’s why I’m telling you that love costs too much.

Love is of great value. It’s not for stinginess and poverty! Either you give everything to love or nothing. Don’t try to fool it or haggle over it! You will never find it at a bargain price and you will not be able to deceive it!

After all, love is of great value! And even if you forget it, the following lyrics will remind this to you:

“Don’t misunderstand the words I’ve said
it’s the world’s simplest recipe
feel me so I can feel you even if you hurt
I am telling you, love is of great value!”


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