True “magic” in relationships

σχέσεις και μαγεία

We meet couples in long-term relationships, in which there is still magic! Couples in love, happy couples, that vibrate love and give us the feeling of the perfect match.

Couples that even if we try to imagine them next to another person, it’s not possible, because simply, next to someone else, there would be no magic at all!

The dating stories we hear about these couples are also full of magic! Stories that if we saw in a movie, we wouldn’t believe that they can actually happen!

And yet, life sometimes writes incredible scripts, on its own! Or at least, it writes them for those who still believe in deep relationships and their magic, and don’t level everything down with their negative energy!

We often get involved in conversations with people, who claim that today’s relationships are difficult, that there is no real love or great love. And if there is? It will definitely be something temporary!

They claim that movies disorient us, because they are not realistic. Happy ending and romance, in real life, just don’t exist!

Some of us agree with all this, by dissolving the magic of the simple trivial things. Realism is definitely more convincing than magic; it easily leads to the excuse that “relationships are difficult” and therefore it becomes the alibi of our loneliness and our convenience. It becomes the reason why we are not with someone!

Other people just distance themselves. Maybe because at least for once, in their life, they met the absolute love or something magical happened to them and they refuse to destroy it!

Relationships don’t become difficult on their own. We create difficulties, by becoming selfish, impatient, unable to communicate, cowards and by refusing to evolve!

We inadvertently envy, these couples who are surrounded by this magic, which is missing from our own lives, and we close our eyes.

But how exactly do we expect everything to change “through magic” when we don’t even believe in it?

No relationship is perfect and certainly not everything in any relationship is magical! It’s up to us to try, to imagine, to create and not to let the magic be lost when it’s there. We should put aside our ego, and try to communicate openly. We should give the necessary priority where it’s needed and believe in the romance of life. Let us not always be so realistic.

And as for the movie scenarios, someone was inspired by true events, who lived, heard or saw!

Life stories are far more better than movies. Trust me!

Life wants hope, positive energy and faith in order to create its own magical moments, at the right timing. Because there are still people who believe in them.

They are the ones, who will be silent towards those who say that relationships are difficult!

We are complicated human beings, different and it makes sense not to fit in with everyone. But if there is the “perfect match” and this magic for some of us, then why not also for all of us?


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