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Truths to be hidden within lies

αλήθεια ή ψέμα

Are lies we tell others worse or truths we cannot bear and hide from ourselves?

What is easier to lie or to tell the truth?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we are asked something and how many of us actually express it?

Can small lies matter? Can a big truth compensate for a small lie?

And if a lie is told with the intention of helping someone and not to hurt or to cover up the truth? Does it still count as a lie?

And if telling the truth can cause harm? Are we still calling the truth?

Isn’t the truth for the lazy and the dumb? Lying can make it easier to avoid keeping track of what you said or did. It’s easier to tell everyone the same thing in order to avoid confusion.

Isn’t lying what requires intelligence or readiness?

Is the truth as dramatic as a lie?

Isn’t lying sometimes complicated but on the other hand, doesn’t it simplifie things, in the short term, by allowing a person to avoid a difficult situation or to get away with something?

Is hiding the truth, without necessarily telling a lie, harmful?

Doesn’t telling the truth expose a person more than telling lies?

Is a person more afraid of telling the truth or a lie?

And which one is inherently glamourous?

And ultimately which one has more value? Do they have the same one?

Phew… the topic of truth and lies can be complex and nuanced, and the questions surrounding it can seem endless. And yet is there a definite answer? Discussing complex issues like truth and lies can be challenging, especially when people have different perspectives and experiences.

If someone decides to tell a lie, they must remember what they said in order to avoid being caught in the lie.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of not remembering what you’ve said when telling lies. When you tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about remembering what you said, and you can be at peace with yourself! You don’t have to worry about making a mistake or being caught in a lie. However, some people may think that lying takes courage.

When someone asks something, how easy is it to say what we just thought and how many of us will actually do it? Some people may find it difficult to tell the truth, even if they want to and you know how that is? A cycle of lying… one lie often leads to another and then another, and so on; and it can be difficult to break free from this cycle of deceit.

Sometimes people find it easier to lie about their feelings, especially when it comes to love and that’s how human relationships get complicated. When we are alone, we are free to express ourselves and say what we really feel without fear of judgment or consequences.

We feel nervous or afraid to speak the truth in front of others. We don’t find the strength to speak up and express our true feelings or desires.

Why, we may appear courageous to ourselves but cowardly to others? Why most of the time we don’t dare to tell our truth and hiding it seems easier and less hurtful?

Is it because by revealing the truth, the truth also reveals our vulnerabilities, insecurities, and flaws?

That’s when, the mask that we wear to protect ourselves from the outside world, falls off, and suddenly we are left exposed and vulnerable. An actor can use a mask to hide their true identity and feel more free to express themselves, but at the same time, the mask can also limit their ability to connect with the audience on an emotional level. In order to convey their character’s emotions effectively, they must use their voice and body language to express the truth of their feelings, even if their face is hidden.

Indeed, the truth can be difficult to hear sometimes. And it might be even more difficult to deliver in a way that is both honest and kind.

Truth can also be misunderstood, especially if it is not communicated clearly and with compassion. However, the truth ultimately brings clarity and understanding, even if it is not always pleasant to hear. Lies can be forgotten over time. Truth has a way of staying with us and becoming part of our understanding and knowledge of the world!

Would we rather be called a liar than honest or the other way round?

And who do we tend to remember? Those who have been honest with us and who have told us the truth or those who have lied to us? Or both?

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