Everything happens for a reason

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One of my favorite quotes is that everything happens for a reason! It doesn’t mean that everything is always happening for a good reason, but it means that everything is happening FOR me!

What do you believe?

Is everything happening TO you or is everything happening FOR you? If your belief matches mine, then no matter what happens, you will get through it, without fighting it back.

Challenging situations appear, to all of us, almost everyday. What differs, is the way we react to them!

How do you react, when something is happening to test you? If you truly believe that everything is happening FOR you, then you have great chances to respond well with perspective, even in unpleasant situations.

But if you believe that everything is happening TO you then, most probably every time something bad happens to you, you respond negatively. You feel like you are cursed. You think that life is out to get you, but guess what…  

Life just works with whatever energy we are projecting!

If we are projecting victim mentality, poor mindset and negative emotions, then we are going to attract problems. On the other hand, if we are projecting positive energy and we tend to see the good in most things, then we are going to attract growth, positivity and abundance. Victim mentality should be replaced with optimism, poor mindset with rich mindset and negative emotions with positive. 

Did you know that the Latin derivative for the word emotion, ’emotere’, literally means energy in motion?

Life is our own responsibility and our own creation.

The meaning we give to each situation or event, defines how our body will react to it. The cells in our body react to everything our mind says. Many studies have shown that negativity weakens our immune system and has a negative effect on our physical body by affecting every aspect of our life. Negative thoughts affect, not only the present moment, but also our future.

That is the reason why, we need to trust life and create a powerful meaning for every situation. That is the reason why we need to think positive. We need to have faith that everything is working for us and not against us! Even in the most challenging situations and hardest times, there are positive people available to support us. If we believe that the world is full of good and optimistic people, these kind of people we are going to meet.

We attract, what we emit.

The fastest way to change what we emit is through gratitude. We take everyday’s blessings for granted but let’s just stop for a minute to reconsider for what, we can be grateful for. Let’s think about our health, our body function, our arms, our legs, our eyesight, our hearing, our home, our partner, our siblings, our parents, our friends, our colleagues. Can we be grateful for all these? 

What about opportunities? What about about our mindset, our heartset and our soulset? There are several things we could look for, every day and feel gratitude about them. By feeling more and more grateful, we change the frequency we emit. By changing our frequency, we change the energy we project and through this shift in our energy, we simply change what we attract. 

Everything happens for us to evolve.

We should start paying attention to the aforementioned phrase. Let’s try to do more of what makes us feel good. Everything happens for a reason, and everything, always, works out for us.

Let’s keep counting our blessings. Let’s think that everything is exactly as it should be, because this is what will lead us to our destination.

This is the point where our life will begin to change and our energy to shift! Are you ready?


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